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Lubangsampang, 12 November 2012

Nomor : 426.2/1054/2012      
Lampiran :     Kepada
Perihal : Undangan Pemasukan

Dokumen Penawaran Pengadaan Kusen Alumunium Bangunan Kelas

SMAN 1 Lubang

  Yth. Direktur PT. JAYA READYMIX

Jl. Industri Barat III Kav. I LIK Bugangan Baru

Telepon/Fax (024) 6581853





Berkaitan dengan pelaksanaan rehabilitasi bangunan kelas di SMAN 1 Lubang pada tahun anggaran 2012, kami mengundang perusahaan saudara untuk mengajukan penawaran pengadaan kusen alumunium bangunan kelas dengan total Harga Perkiraan Sendiri (HPS) Rp. 65.000.000 (enam puluh lima juta rupiah), yang bersumber dari dana komite sekolah Tahun Anggaran 2012/2013. Untuk itu dimohon Saudara mengambil dokumen pengadaan dan mengikuti proses pengadaan sesuai jadwal sebagai berikut:

No Uraian Jadwal Kegiatan Waktu Pukul
1 Pendaftaran dan Pengambilan Dokumen Pengadaan Rabu, 14 November 2012 08.00 – 12.00
2 Pemasukan Dokumen Penawaran Jumat, 16 November 2012 09.00-selesai
3 Pembukaan Dokumen Penawaran Sabtu, 17 November 2012 10.00
4 Klarifikasi dan Negosiasi Senin, 19 November 2012 09.00
5 Penandatangan SPMK Kamis, 22 November 2012 09.00


Atas perhatiannya, diucapkan terima kasih.

Panitia Pelaksana Rehabilitasi Kelas

SMA Negeri 1 Lubang




Drs. Gunawan, M.M.

NIP 19611103 198703 1 010



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Dra. Budiastuti, M.Pd.

NIP. 19601115 198703 2 006










[08:14:09] <ratisbona> gra: myers: best way to cope with it: have, say, 20-30 double Scotch. Go to bed. Get up when your head stops hurting. Go to sleep at 10, as every other day.

[08:14:20] <myers> gra, Im going to store that one in the memory banks

[08:14:44] <lillian> I will always remeber you pencilandpaper

[08:14:49] <Guest77635> can anyone see me typing?

[08:14:50] <lillian> *remember

[08:15:04] <TimeVirus> yes Guest77635 you are seen

[08:15:04] <pencilandpaper> ok i see, thats cool. well thats kinda what i meant..not necessarily literally dealing as in selling them but dealing as in doing something computer related.

[08:15:08] <gra> ratisbona: This time change was so bad ….I think the fall change is harder to cope with

[08:15:12] <ratisbona> Guest77635: I can’t see you typing, but I can read your text 🙂

[08:15:14] <myers> ratisbona, I dont drink so it would only take a couple to send me to sleep 🙂

[08:15:17] <gra> wasn’t**

[08:15:25] <pencilandpaper> well thank you lillian ..i appreciate it..and also remember to be safe doing what you do and to do good in school as well.

[08:16:16] <lillian> lillian is my real name I have a nickname

[08:16:23] <TimeVirus> and learn how these computational devices work – there is a future in it lillian!

[08:16:44] <lillian> im afraid of our future in tec stuff

[08:16:46] <Guest77635> i heard this today

[08:17:05] <lillian> I know it will change all of human life

[08:17:06] <Guest77635> a pencil without a tip is pointless

[08:17:11] <TimeVirus> we have nothing to fear, but fear itself

[08:17:12] <pencilandpaper> what do you mean lillian ?

[08:17:22] <myers> computational devices lol

[08:17:27] <pencilandpaper> indeed Guest77635 .

[08:17:31] <TimeVirus> 🙂

[08:17:38] <Guest77635> in two manners

[08:17:44] <gra> I heard that corduroy pillows are making the headlines again….

[08:17:50] <lillian> well with tecnoigey getting better it will make us sit instead of getting outside and being active like we used to be

[08:17:52] <Guest77635> 1st, it dont have a point

[08:18:01] <Guest77635> 2nd, it is useless

[08:18:19] <Guest77635> there is a word for that kind of sentance

[08:18:32] <Guest77635> lol\

[08:19:10] <Guest77635> its like a screen door on a battleship

[08:19:19] <myers> gra, remember when corduroy trousers used to be in fashion, or was that just me lol

[08:19:35] <lillian> oh jeez the ppl in my game think im not afk XD

[08:19:45] <Guest77635> but then someone would say ” submarine!”

[08:19:54] <TimeVirus> term – double entandre(sp?) gah this dictionary doesnt know well enough how to not let me look bad!

[08:20:02] <gra> myers: What do you mean ‘remember when’ …..I still have some!

[08:20:39] <lillian> BRB i have to help my friends on animal jam!

[08:20:51] <Guest77635> if u must

[08:21:02] <myers> Whats animal jam?

[08:21:03] <gra> ratisbona: Someones on the 6m band!

[08:21:15] <lillian> animal jam is a game

[08:21:15] <pencilandpaper> okie dokes, and take your time lillian .

[08:21:35] <ratisbona> link, gra?

[08:21:46] <Guest77635> here is another one

[08:21:54] <gra> ratisbona: On Hamsphere !

[08:21:56] <TimeVirus> HAM? gra

[08:22:04] <TimeVirus> aha

[08:22:05] <Guest77635> i used to be indescive, but now i dont think so

[08:22:17] <ratisbona> gra: still not there. Has to wait for a while.

[08:22:28] <Guest77635> can someone speel that for me?

[08:22:32] <gra> TimeVirus: Yes..a virtual amateur radio application

[08:22:33] <Guest77635> indescive

[08:22:41] <Guest77635> indiecive

[08:22:41] <TimeVirus> ah

[08:23:07] <Guest77635> indesive

[08:23:27] <gra> TimeVirus: very realistic without the use of radio hardware and licenses

[08:23:30] <mozzy> close

[08:23:36] <TimeVirus> indecisive

[08:23:49] <mozzy> indecisive

[08:23:52] <mozzy> indeed

[08:23:52] <Guest77635> thx!

[08:23:54] <myers> gra, what does a virtual amateur radio application do?

[08:23:55] <TimeVirus> cool whats the name gra?

[08:24:17] <Guest77635> i used to be indecisive, but not im not so sure

[08:24:28] <xmetal> wow @ being able to hear neighbor’s tv louder than the one that is right next to me

[08:24:36] <xmetal> they need hearing aids, i think

[08:24:40] <lillian> back GOT MY TEAM RARE BOW AND ARROWS YESS

[08:25:01] <mozzy> lol xmetal

[08:25:02] <r00t> Stop using CAPS LOCK

[08:25:02] <gra> myers: It’s a virtual environment simulating the world of amateur radio…people can chat world wide as in ham radio enthusiasts

[08:25:06] <pencilandpaper> wb lillian ..

[08:25:19] <myers> xmetal, you dont live next door to me do you…lol

[08:25:25] <lillian> well sorry root I use caps when Im happy

[08:25:32] <TimeVirus> better to have a leet, God-like Vindicator with all the best bits and bobbles

[08:25:43] <pencilandpaper> see i think that if you are sitting around and relaxing its ok to mess with technology and to understand it but you just dont want to let it cause you to miss out on other things.

[08:25:49] <gra> TimeVirus: HamSphere…it’s a java application….works great but only a 30 days trial period free

[08:25:52] <Guest77635> here is another one

[08:25:55] <xmetal> this is getting to the point icant concentrate unless i put some heavy metal on full blast (anything to drown out the sound of that tv)

[08:25:59] <myers> gra, so you can chat as well as listen, sounds interesting

[08:26:05] <TimeVirus> I C gra

[08:26:11] <pencilandpaper> i still like to go outside and enjoy being out there, to hang out with people its natural for when i am on the laptop to do the same thing..chatting.

[08:26:15] <lillian> I only mess around when Im bored Right now im not bored

[08:26:26] <lillian> Im outside alot

[08:26:28] <pencilandpaper> i know what you mean lillian .

[08:26:35] <Guest77635> they told me i had type-a blood, but it was a type-o.

[08:26:53] <lillian> when flower crowns become beta on animal jam imma be so rich…

[08:26:53] <gra> myers: yes, I CQ’d a few times last night but no responses…I’m a bit shy to PTT actually

[08:27:07] <Guest77635> get it?

[08:27:11] <TimeVirus> no

[08:27:37] <r00t> I get it. I’m not laughing, but I get it.

[08:27:42] <TimeVirus> lol bah I missed the ‘a’

[08:27:50] <Guest77635> so u think of one

[08:27:52] –> tor (tor@SpotChat-85m.vvk.118.186.IP) has joined #linuxmint-chat

[08:27:57] <Guest77635> a play on words

[08:28:03] <Guest77635> double meaning

[08:28:04] <lillian> You guys telling jokes?

[08:28:12] <myers> nlolss

[08:28:19] <xmetal> jokes lose their humor when you have to explain it in full

[08:28:28] <gra> Guest77635: Times up…you need a nick now..!

[08:28:31] <lillian> I like joke 😀

[08:28:37] <lillian> jokes*

[08:28:38] <pencilandpaper> lol lillian

[08:28:57] <tor> holaaa

[08:29:01] <Guest77635> here is one

[08:29:05] <lillian> I make really cheesey jokes

[08:29:08] <lillian> k

[08:29:11] <r00t> I haven’t laughed or smiled since the joke debacle of 1701

[08:29:32] <xmetal> ye ol’ joke

[08:29:41] <r00t> aye

[08:29:42] <Guest77635> a dyslexic man walks into a bra

[08:29:57] <xmetal> good lord @ tv over my Arch enemy playing

[08:30:09] <pencilandpaper> lillian: i also wanted to let you know that you are welcome to join my channel on this server..its called #chatroom

[08:30:15] <ratisbona> Monthy Python – The Killer Joke:

[08:30:26] <lillian> how do i get to it pencilandpaper?

[08:30:43] <Guest77635> bar*

[08:30:44] <gra> So, a tangled piece of string goes into a bar and orders a drink…the barman asks ‘Do you have any ID?’ The string answers…”No….I’m a frayed knot!”

[08:30:45] <pencilandpaper> just type: /join #chatroom

[08:30:49] <lillian> im in it

[08:30:50] <lillian> i think

[08:30:52] <pencilandpaper> ok cool..

[08:31:08] <tor> quien escribe español

[08:31:11] <Guest77635> ok

[08:31:12] <myers> lol

[08:31:19] <ratisbona> lol gra

[08:31:24] <Guest77635> thats a good one

[08:31:37] <TimeVirus> still “The Parrot Sketch” gets me every time

[08:32:34] <Guest77635> jokes about german sausage are the wurst

[08:33:05] <Guest77635> lol

[08:34:11] <TimeVirus> there’s HAM stuff in Kali Linux – Puzzles me what HAM radio has ot do with pen testing

[08:34:33] <TimeVirus> gunna HAM in on my wifi?

[08:34:35] <r00t> Arnold Schwarzenegger was once asked to upgrade to Windows 7. He said: I still love vista, baby!

[08:35:23] <ratisbona> Mommy, I don’t like Granny! Be quiet, you eat what’s being served!

[08:35:33] <gra> Oh dear…..Saturday evening on the internet with bad jokes…

[08:36:20] <tor> hablando con linux mint

[08:37:23] <Guest77635> did you hear about the cross eyed teacher who lost her job because she couldnt control her pupils?

[08:38:33] <tor> help for my frend

[08:38:41] <gra> The oldens are always the goodens

[08:40:35] <TimeVirus> Ruth and Johnny, side by side, went out for an auto ride.  They hit a bump, Ruth hit a tree and Johnny kept going, Ruthlessly – Author: Unknown

[08:41:16] <TimeVirus> not a joke really but as good?

[08:41:21] <TimeVirus> lol

[08:41:35] <Guest77635> i dont get it

[08:41:56] <Guest77635> what part am i looking at

[08:42:14] <Guest77635> ruth hit—ruthless

[08:42:25] <TimeVirus> It isn’t the cough that carries you off.  It’s the coffin, they carry you off in

[08:42:34] -*- xmetal begs alex to flip me over a table (~cough @ mozzy~) so i dont have to pay attention to the jokes

[08:43:43] <myers> Am i really reading this or has something happened when the clocks went forward

[08:43:53] <ratisbona> I think none of my jokes are convenient to be told without alarming r00t or his grimm channel bots 🙂

[08:44:02] <TimeVirus> clocks

[08:44:08] <r00t> I have channel bots?

[08:44:09] <gra> myers: You’re in the Twilight zone!

[08:45:36] <ratisbona> r00t the fact that one does not see THEM is no proof  THEY are not here, r00t.

[08:46:21] <r00t> The fact that I have no idea what bots you mean probably does

[08:47:06] <ratisbona> wasn’t it mintbot that told people to watch their language?

[08:47:19] <r00t> mintbotd isn’t mine.

[08:47:28] <ratisbona> ah OK.

[08:47:31] <xmetal> i think he/she means ops possibly ?

[08:47:35] <r00t> and mintbotd doesn’t watch for curse words, anyway

[08:47:36] <myers> gra, its pretty good in the twilight zone, i think i will stay.

[08:48:23] <gra> myers: A lot worse places to spend one’s time for sure

[08:48:30] –> trisha_ann (trisha_ann@SpotChat-b11igi.haav.9vm3.0306.2602.IP) has joined #linuxmint-chat

[08:48:32] <– renius (renius@SpotChat-7rn.gej.19.123.IP) has quit (Quit: Leaving)

[08:48:40] <nightfury> so kodi is just a fancy media player for songs,movies and viewing pictures ?

[08:48:52] <myers> r00t, you have bots…..

[08:48:54] <TimeVirus> The google seems as confused as I am as to what HAM radio has got to do with pen testing

[08:49:05] <r00t> myers: I don’t

[08:49:06] <gra> nightfury: kodi is the new XBMC

[08:49:08] <nightfury> i dont know what to do with after downloading. am playing mp3 from kodi

[08:49:47] <nightfury> gra: xbox media center ?

[08:50:09] <gra> nightfury: Thats where it started yes

[08:50:13] <myers> r00t, it ok, you can get cream for it

[08:50:25] <nightfury> i dont know ppl were getting it for their laptops and stuff

[08:50:28] <nightfury> so i too got it

[08:50:56] <gra> myers: I haven’t watched any UK tv today would you believe?

[08:50:57] <nightfury> and i think its mega music player lol

[08:51:03] <ratisbona> I’m a friend of vlc player. There’s nothing it cannot play, I think.

[08:51:12] <nightfury> gra: i wouldnt believe that

[08:51:16] <r00t> myers: Is there a cream that will help you make sense?

[08:51:35] <gra> nightfury: did you manage to watch any channels?

[08:51:38] <nightfury> sensu bean cream

[08:51:53] <nightfury> gra: not yet

[08:52:00] <nightfury> gra: going to search

[08:52:04] <myers> r00t, forget about it

[08:52:23] <myers> gra, not much been on

[08:52:24] <nightfury> gra:  do you have kodi ?

[08:52:53] <gra> nightfury: No…I always walk this way!

[08:53:07] <gawd> Wow.. K-Meleon is still around

[08:53:45] <gra> nightfury: I had XBMC on one of my machines I think?

[08:54:22] <nightfury> wow they have kung ku classics under movie section xD

[08:54:36] <xmetal> wow … some text to speach just started by itself on gnome

[08:55:29] <nightfury> text to speech ?

[08:55:45] <nightfury> TimeVirus: is your issues fixed ?

[08:57:27] <myers> Well i bid you all a good night

[08:57:59] <gra> myers: Have a good Sunday…shortened of course!

[08:58:29] <myers> will do pal

[08:58:32] <OhHeyItsLou> good evening everyone

[08:58:37] <nightfury> good night myers



Linux Mint Chat#2

[08:11:18] nice. does it work better for you too, i mean is it faster than windows was?
[08:11:21] gra, there are, it doesnt make sense to change them. Leave them alone i say
[08:11:22] Mint is amazing I also record videos
[08:11:35] yeah it is way faster for me
[08:11:40] nice..
[08:11:49] myers: I read something that goes ….Only a politician will tell you that to cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it back on the bottom will you end up with a longer blanket!
[08:12:13] I mean it is also faster because I took apart my computer cleaned it then put it together again
[08:12:38] right right..well then you are good to go then.
[08:12:57] thecrstop: I think it’s called Gnu Cash
[08:13:14] gra, lol. Never heard that before.
[08:13:15] I know I should not trust people on the internet but your very nice
[08:13:16] i used to that with my old laptop. it died a few wks ago. i got this one on the 18th of this i havent taken it apart yet..other than to see if the ram from the old one went in to this one.
[08:13:29] it doesnt..two different kinds of ram.
[08:13:37] my brother has a biessness
[08:13:42] well thank you lillian .
[08:13:51] myers: A north American native saying
[08:13:52] Ahoy !!
[08:14:00] ok cool, does he deal in computers or something lillian ?
[08:14:08] no he fixes them


Linux Mint Chat#1

[08:08:17] NO it is mine my brother’s is upstairs
[08:08:37] mint authors, thank you very much for this great OS 🙂 now i deleted my windows and mint is my primary system
[08:08:42] o ok cool lillian ..thanks.
[08:08:54] thanks?
[08:09:27] myers: They say there are more traffic incidents when the clocks change
[08:09:45] that was being polite. lol
[08:09:53] so how did you hear about Mint lillian ?
[08:10:08] Well my brother Intoduced me to it
[08:10:16] thats cool..
[08:10:24] HE told me it is almost inpossible to get virises
[08:10:48] EXIt
[08:10:52] I got exited and quit windows
[08:10:59] yeah its a lot harder to get viruses..which is a good thing and a plus.


kinesiologi adalah suatu ilmu yang mempelajari tentang suatu gerakan

Masnyomega's Blog



Disusun Untuk Memenuhi Tugas Mata Kuliah Kinesiologi

Dibina oleh:  Bapak Ony


Adin Karyawan                       107711407013

Adiya Bangun SH                             107711407012

Dimas Mufti                            107711407014

Omeg Adyan Susanto             107711410206



Jurusan Pendidikan Jasmani Kesehatan

Desember, 2009


Gerakan pada renang gaya dada pada dasarnya lebih fokus pada gerakan tangan dan kaki, tetapi ada juga gerakan pendukung yaitu gerakan pada leher atau kepala.

1. Gerakan lengan.

Gerakan lengan terjadi ketika perenang melakukan gerakan meluncur ke depan, dimana bagian-bagian tubuh yang bekerja antara lain :

  1. sendi : articulatio humeri
  2. otot : m latisimus dorsi

origo : separuh bagian bawah processi spinosi columna vertebralis  sampai os sacrum dan crista iliaca

insertio : permukaan ventral os humerus di bawah tuberculum minus humeri

  1. sumbu : frontal
  2. bidang : sagital
  3. pengungkit : jenis pengungkit ke 3 , yaitu gaya berada di antara…

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Raden Panji dan Dewi Sekartaji

Cerita Rakayat adalah salah satu budaya yang perlu dilestarikan. Karena mengandung nilai-nilai yang mulia. Mari kita semua menanamkan nilai-nilai yang luhur itu ke kehidupan kita bersama. Semoga beruntung, saudara-saudaraku

Pusaka Jawatimuran

Walaupun pertempuran dengan Prabu Klanasewandana dengan pasukan Hindu sudah berakhir dan telah dimenangkan oleh Kediri. Namun Sang Prabu masih merasa sedih dan cemas. Beliau berpikir bahwa selama Dewi Sekartaji belum bersuami pertempuran besar pasti akan terulang lagi. Hal itupun dirasakan oleh Sang Resi Dewi Kilisuci. Maka beliau kemudian menemui Sang Raja Jenggala, menyampaikan permasalahan yang dihadapi adindanya Sang Raja Kediri. Sang Resi menyarankan bahwa untuk menghindari permasalahan timbulnya peperangan lagi, maka Prabu Lembu Hamilihur harus memaksa Raden Panji untuk dinikahkan dengan tunangannya yang lama yaitu Dewi Sekartaji.
Namun Prabu Lembu Hamiluhur tidak sanggup merasa Raden Panji sudah bukan miliknya sebab sudah diambil menantu oleh adindanya Raja Ngurawan. Di samping itu juga takut kalau sampai mengkhianatinya lagi seperti dahulu. Prabu Lembu Hamiluhur menyerahkan sepenuhnya kepada Sang Resi dalam hal membicarakannya, baik dengan yang bersangkutan yaitu Raden Panji, maupun dengan mertuanya. Oleh karena itu lalu sang Resi segera pergi ke Ngurawan untuk membicarakan hal…

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Red Cross

materi Palang Merah Remaja pertolongan pertama


Dalam kehidupan sehari-hari kita kadang mengalami sakit, cedera atau

kecelakaan. Karena itulah kita perlu mengetahui tentang Pertolongan Pertama.

Pemberian pertolongan yang sifatnya sementara sampai korban tiba di

fasilitas kesehatan.

Penolong yang pertama kali tiba di tempat kejadian, memiliki kemampuan dan

terlatih dalam penanganan medis dasar / kedaruratan.

  1. Menyelamatkan jiwa korban. Agar tidak meninggal di tempat.
  2. Mencegah cacat, misalnya luka yang membekas.
  3. Memberikan rasa nyaman dan membantu proses penyembuhan.
  4. Mengutamakan keselamatan diri sendiri dan orang lain.
  5. Meminta bantuan kepada yang lebih ahli.
  6. Memberi pertolongan kepada korban dengan cepat dan tepat sesuai

dengan keadaan korban.

  1. Membantu pelaku PP yang lainnya.